Top 10 // 1.17.2021

What with all the recent unpleasantness, I thought it only right to make and publish a list of my 10 favorite albums. Not the Top 10 albums of all time, because I do not listen to that much music, and am not qualified to make that kind of judgment call. But, you know, I thought this would be healing. 

I'm putting them in order of favoriteness, because I value your time. Remember, I'm a white dude, queer sure, but still, probably kinda garbage taste. 

  1. We All Belong by Dr. Dog — Absolutely killer album. Love it. Would recommend to any person. 
  2. Is This It? by The Strokes — Easy pick. If I was looking for a fight, which I'm not, I doubt I'd find someone to take the other side on this album.
  3. I'm Wide Awake It's Morning by Bright Eyes — I'm baking some cookies right now, give me a moment. 
  4. Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper — I haven't listened to the new Chance album yet. 
  5. Rogue Taxidermy by Days 'N' Daze — Okay, Days n Daze frickin sucks, I get it. 
  6. French Quarter/Fresh Jihad by AJJ
  7. Wolf by Tyler the Creator — Tbh this album frightens me quite a bit. 
  8. The television show House, M.D.
  9. Your Bright Eyes... by Captain Chaos — This band was fronted by Chris Clavin, who I believe is a shitbag, but as far as I know you can't find this album of Bright Eyes covers anywhere except on my computer, so it's kind of a wash. 
  10. Dog Problems by The Format — This is a wonderful album by Nate Kreuss's old band, and inspired me this evening, while I was doing the dishes, to make this list, because it is my tenth most favorite album.